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Report Features

Our goal

Our snapshot report is a quick first pass meant to provide you with a useful perspective as well as to introduce a few of our capabilities. The ultimate goal is to give an unbiased reality check and some links to peer job postings to compare against.


What we review

  • Check overall grammar and language use for correctness (spelling, punctuation, proper names)
  • Calculate a sentiment score indicating relative positivity / negativity
  • Determine a reading level / language diversity measure for smarter audience targeting
  • Scour the web for a few currently active, most similar job listings
  • Provide some basic metrics to compare against your peers

How do we do it?

We use a mix of well-established (rules based grammar engines) and cutting edge tools (natural language processing such as NLPCloud's GPT-3 and the Spacy framework). These are the same technologies being used in-house at the largest recruiting firms and Fortune 1,000 HR departments.

To get started

Visit our private alpha/beta online form to request an invite when this report is ready for wider distribution.

When added to our service, your steps will be:

  1. Visit our ~2 minute online form

  2. Give us some basic info about your candidate search

  3. Upload a job description

  4. We return a few metrics to improve the JD quality and competitiveness.

More insights

For an expanded set of analysis with even more insights to improve marketability and a brief summary of our roadmap, see the description of our premium report.