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Welcome is an emerging suite of tools and services to assist the North American startup and/or professional SMB to:

  • improve job descriptions' quality & marketability

  • hire high(er) quality employees

  • cut time-to-hire by a targeted 25%

Until you have in-house HR, we are your partner leveraging time and effort to find the right candidates.

We get your talent acquisition process improved, preferably before you start your next search. Then, with our soon-to-launch hiring support as a service (HSaS) dashboard / platform, we cut your applicant pool down to the best 5% you should be spending time on.

Our team consists of founder Vince Fulco, a handful of contract HR industry staffers & freelancers, and as much leading edge technology as possible. We are a U.S. domiciled company, although fully-remote globally. More can be learned about us here.

This website give a brief introduction to our alpha/beta products and our future road map.

A group of early adopters is currently testing our first product, the snapshot report. If you would like to join the invite list as we roll it and other features out, please visit us here.

If you don't find what you need for your talent acquisition / recruiting challenges here, feel free to contact us to discuss additions to our future feature set. Thank you for visiting and considering our recruiting tools and services.