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Outstanding tools have emerged in the fields of search, natural language processing, and data / text analysis, which can make the hiring process for startups and SMBs on par with larger firms. To date, many of these emerging technologies are widely used within expensive headhunting firms, and yet remain inaccessible to smaller growth companies.

Similarly, by rough estimates, engaging a headhunter for even one candidate search costs $10-15K+. These are insane fees.

Why can't you have access to:

  • a suite of automated A.I. tools which ensure the highest quality recruiting docs
  • advanced analysis which improves your competitiveness in job postings
  • a way to smoothly manage candidates' interactions, their resumes & LinkedIn profiles
  • an automated platform to take inefficiencies and errors out of the overall process
  • processes to hit your staffing goals faster
  • a fee structure that makes immediate and ongoing sense
  • a way to offload the early heavy lifting of recruiting on to a specialized service firm

We aim to change your situation for the better. Our growing service platform brings these recruitment tools to time, budget and staff-starved startups & SMBs.

A group of early adopters is currently testing our first product, the snapshot report. If you would like to join the invite list as we roll it and other features out, please visit us here.

If you don't find what you need for your talent acquisition / recruiting challenges here, feel free to contact us to discuss your additions to our future feature set. Thank you for visiting and considering our recruiting tools and services.