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Some of the Best Interview Tips We've Discovered

· One min read
Vince Fulco


Below are the best-of-the-best, unsponsored third party resources we have gathered over the years. If you have any of a similar quality, please send them to us. We do not accept any compensation for posting and only accept those sources which are truly impressive and value-added. Some posts may seem narrowly focused but they have good applications more broadly.

First Round Review Blog: The 40 Best Questions to Ask in an Interview...

ZenDuty Engineering Blog: Interviewing for the role of CTO of an early-stage company?

First Round Review Blog: My Lessons from Interviewing 400+ Engineers Over Three Startups

Ideo Labs Blog: How We Make It (Material for Developing Good Interview Questions)

Sidenote-- / is an emerging startup narrowly focused on delivering tools and services. We have an internal road map with a series of enhancements to make the hiring practices of SMBs and startups much easier and successful.

What's with the blog post images? We are big fans of innovation and trying to bring the world solutions which have never existed before. So we have reached back in history to find examples of the efforts of others. Besides finding enough images for posts is tough!