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End of Year Review (2022)

· 2 min read
Vince Fulco


Looking in the rearview mirror...

As the year winds down, I reflect on what a satisfying time it is to be building and testing ideas in the marketplace. For all the chaos surrounding startup financing, valuation crunches, and over-expansion / contraction issues so many had to deal with, we remain in an abundant period of recruiting wisdom and best practices to guide us over the long term. Here are some of the gems I uncovered or self-developed.

Early in the year...

I spent much of this time exploring the early days of idea generation and business creation with a quick look at issues surrounding creating an MVP and describing a starter stack. This is a dynamic process and is never complete or perfect.

Over the summer...

The next few posts pulled together the accumulated professional wisdom about recruiting candidates, securing talent, and keeping everyone aligned.

In the fall...

I focused on the issues of building a business and the all-too-familiar situation of having too many potential features and not enough time. How do we keep forward momentum? I also explored the 1st in a series about why job descriptions do not find their intended target. Similar to how resumes used to be in in the past, too many job descriptions are dry, boilerplate lists of responsibilities and skills assumed. A winning job description needs to be a sales pitch exuding energy and offering discernable growth potential or respondents will pass.

Looking ahead...

In 2023, based on input from readers, I will be bringing more solutions and food-for-thought to showcase how our services can be your trusted, unbiased partner in growth. I'll also identify bolt-on tools to smooth workflows further. Watch this space.

Sidenote-- / is an emerging startup narrowly focused on delivering tools and services. We have an internal road map with a series of enhancements to make the hiring practices of SMBs and startups much easier and successful.

What's with the blog post images? We are big fans of innovation and trying to bring the world solutions which have never existed before. So we have reached back in history to find examples of the efforts of others. Besides finding enough images for posts is tough!