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One Solution to Feelings of Burnout As a Solo Founder

· One min read
Vince Fulco


While working on a self-funded startup, it is easy to hit periodic days of burnout. A question I ask myself is "Am I (tired / disgusted / bored / frustrated) with a feature I have been intensely focused on building or do I truly need to step away?"

If it's the former, I switch into another part of the business development that needs attention (i.e. documentation, frontend, backend, researching new tools). This provides just enough context switching to feel like a refresh. Then I can squeeze out at least a few more deep focus hours. What are your tips/tricks?

Sidenote-- / is an emerging startup narrowly focused on delivering tools and services. We have an internal road map with a series of enhancements to make the hiring practices of SMBs and startups much easier and successful.

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