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Vince Fulco


We live in an age with incredible technological power at the fingertips of focused solo developers and/or small group of dedicated colleagues. I often marvel at the stories on Indiehackers, Hackernews and ProductHunt of what could be accomplished by well-intentioned collaborators. After seeing case-upon-case of all that was possible, I set out on a mission to bring invaluable hiring tools and services to smaller companies.

The core of our platform is build around multiple pieces from AWS Serverless platform (i.e. AWS Eventbridge, Step Functions State Machines, Dynamodb, S3, Lambda). Yet, due to everyday breakthroughs, the architecture will necessarily be in flux.

AWS Eventbridge--

For the processing "engine", we use AWS Eventbridge to coordinate numerous sub-processes. Eventbridge coordinates the messaging between all the other major components and allows or decoupling of services. Eventbridge pushes event driven messages through the bus (or conduit) not caring what is the receiver. It is the specialized receivers which take the messages and does further processing. This allows for extremely granular design.

AWS Step Functions

Each subprocess specializes in only one type of analysis to make optimizing and debugging easier. The processing units are orchestrated AWS step functions state machines (sfsm) and each step within each unit is either an integrated Lambda (optimized to be coded directly in the sfsm) or a standalone AWS Lambda (think functions in Node.js or Python).


Our current marketing site (this site) is organized using GraphCMS and then is hosted on AWS using the Serverless Next.js Plugin.

Analysis Engine

This is where the secret sauce is made by combining a mix of cutting edge NLP analysis (Spacy with vector search technology (Weaviate. Some of our analysis is done with BERT and similar tools on NLPCloud, an outstanding host of broad ranging NLP technologies.

Ancillary Services

This is the bailing wire that keep everything running. We use Typeform for our satisfaction surveys and private product invites which then run through Zapier and ultimately make it in to our Notion sheets. We use Listmonk for our newsletter manager. For payment vendor, of course we use Stripe.

Sidenote-- / is an emerging startup narrowly focused on delivering tools and services. We have an internal road map with a series of enhancements to make the hiring practices of SMBs and startups much easier and successful.

What's with the blog post images? We are big fans of innovation and trying to bring the world solutions which have never existed before. So we have reached back in history to find examples of the efforts of others. Besides finding enough images for posts is tough!